Credit Insurance

Protects a company from its customer’s failure to pay their trade related debts

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What is Credit Insurance?

Credit insurance, also called accounts receivable insurance, is a financial tool that protects a company from its customer’s failure to pay their trade related debts. This situation can occur if a customer becomes insolvent or if they simply fail to pay within the agreed timeframe.
A credit insurance policy eliminates one major source of business uncertainty the impact of unpaid invoices. Indemnification against loss is often believed to be the main benefit of a credit insurance policy, but there are other benefits that can justify the cost of a trade credit insurance policy many times over even if you never make a claim when your receivables are insured, your company can.

  • Safely grow sales, domestically and abroad, to new and existing customers
  • Protect its business from risk of customer default and catastrophic loss
  • Reduce bad debt reserves
  • Obtain greater access to funding and secure better finance options
  • Expand export markets and offer competitive terms overseas

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