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Who Needs Marine Hull Insurance?

Both private and commercial vessel operators and owners, and associated businesses may require Marine Hull insurance including:

  • Ship owners and operators
  • Fleet owners and managers
  • Ferry operators
  • Charter and tourist boat operators
  • Tugboat handlers
  • Businesses with loans on vessels

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What does a Marine Hull and Liability Insurance Cover?

  • Marine hull insurance covers accidental loss or damage to boats used for commercial purposes.
  • Loss of Hire – Protection against potential loss of earning resulting from a casualty.
  • Hull & Machinery – Physical damage or loss cover for all types of vessels.
  • Protection and Indemnity
  • Third party liability over for all types of vessels, designed to be taken out along with vessel hull & machinery insurance.
  • Marine ransom & kidnap – Protection incase a vessel is captured, and a ransom amount is demanded. This would cover the loss in transit, fees and expenses plus the ransom amount paid.

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