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What are Group Pensions?

Group pensions are a type of defined contribution pension offered by employers. Enrolled members can use the group pension scheme to build up their own pension savings pot and then use it as a retirement income. These schemes are essentially a collection of individual pension plans offered by an employer as part of a collective pension scheme.

At Nexus, we can help you design a group pension plan, offering many benefits thanks to solid and reliable partnerships with both local and international providers.

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What are the Benefits Of a Group Pension Scheme?

  • Keeping employees motivated – Providing your employees with future protection may give them a reason to stay motivated and work harder. Some pension plans may be based on the employee’s salary, so this would act as an incentive to push them in their careers.
  • Lowering the employee turnover rate – If you offer your employees an extra benefit such as group pensions, they may be more likely to stick with your organization, rather then looking around.
  • Attracting talent – Skilled workers tend to look for companies that provide the right benefits. Having a group pension plan in place would allow you to stand out from other organizations, allowing you to recruit highly skilled workers.

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