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What types of cover exist?

When plant, equipment, and machinery is the core of your business, you need to ensure that the core never breaks down. It could only take one unexpected event to delay projects and that could result in losing a client.

Whether you rent machinery or own your own machinery, it is highly recommended to opt for insurance to ensure peace of mind.

There are two main types of cover:

  • Contractor Plant and Machinery Cover
  • Machinery Breakdown

Speak to an insurance advisor to find out what type of cover you require.

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Both our personal and corporate clients demand services from globally recognized brands that ensure complete peace of mind.

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As the leading insurance brokerage in the region, we are focused on satisfying you with the best advice & value offers.

Do I need a Plant & Machinery Insurance?

At Nexus, we can provide you with a cover that will protect you from loss and damage done to both plant and machinery owned and hired by you, remaining true to expensive claims brought in by customers, clients, and employees who suffer detriment to their health and property.

As all these risks can negatively impact your operations and even your ability to work professionally, and therefore, having the right Plant & Machinery Insurance in place is not only vital, but fundamental to ensure future success.

Should I Still Take Out Insurance If The Company I Hire From Has Their Own Insurance?

If you’re a regular user of hired equipment you can also take advantage of having your own cover. Many hire companies will allow you to insure hired items, allowing you full control over the scope and level of cover you need. You can also avoid the hefty insurance charge that the hire company would normally charge. You’ll most likely find it works out to be more cost effective for your business to insure the items yourself.

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