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What is Workmen’s Compensation Insurance?

Workmen’s compensation insurance, also known as a workmen compensation policy, covers claims from employees who sustained an injury or illness whilst doing their job.

The types of illness and injury covered are listed below:

  • Injuries sustained by falls, trips and slips
  • Injuries sustained by misused or faulty badly maintained equipment
  • Burns or other injuries caused by fire or corrosive substances
  • Injuries received as a direct result of falling equipment
  • Injuries sustained while lifting heavy items
  • Repetitive-strain injuries sustained whilst working
  • Any injury or illness caused by negligence or incompetence where the business is to be blamed.

The coverage is beneficial for both the business and the employees. Employees are ensured peace of mind knowing they will be covered for any workplace-related injuries thanks to the workers’ compensation insurance cover. The business owners would also be given relieved knowing that their employees are protected and that they would not have to pay large sums if an illness or injury were to occur.

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What does Workmen’s Compensation Insurance Cover?

The insurance will cover the near and long-term costs of an employee’s workplace-related injury or illness. It will pay for the hospital bill and for any medication or physical therapy that will be needed during recovery, even lost wages.

If an employee decides to sue, a portion of your workers’ compensation insurance should be able to cover your legal expenses in such a situation as well.

Depending on the cover taken out, injuries that occur when commuting to or from work are generally not covered, however if your job entails driving and you suffer a work-related injury in your vehicle while driving during work hours, obviously, the workers’ compensation insurance policy will cover such an instance.

Any injury that is a result of intoxication or substance abuse will not be covered either.

Do I Need a Workmen’s Compensation Policy?

If an employee suffers from an accident, injury, illness or death as a result of their job or working environment, under UAE labor law the employer is required to provide compensation to cover both loss of earnings and medical costs. This could be costly without having an adequate insurance policy in place to protect against this.

Should an employee suffer ill health, accident, injury or death as a result of their job or working conditions, the employer is required under UAE Labor Law to provide compensation and funds to cover medical costs and lost earnings. Without an adequate insurance policy in place, your business may find itself liable for substantial payouts. But workmen’s compensation insurance isn’t just for peace of mind. In many cases – depending on your location and the nature of your business – it may be compulsory.

What are the main areas of cover?

  • Occupational Death
  • Permanent Disability
  • Loss of Wages
  • Medical Expenses

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