Marine Cargo

Protection aginst loss or damage over waterways, land and air.

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What is Marine Cargo insurance?

Marine Cargo insurance covers goods that are being bought, or sold, either domestically or internationally. International law and the terms of sale/purchase will determine the extent to which responsibility for loss or damage to the goods is vested with the seller, buyer or the carrier. This includes coverage against loss or damage to a ship and in-transit cargo. 

Pleasure Crafts or Yacht Insurance

It is a comprehensive policy, which generally includes cover for loss, theft, damage, or the unforeseen effects of violent weather. This insurance policy covers all pleasure craft such as motorboats, jet skis and sailing boats.

Marine Liabilities
(Liabilities related to various marine operations, primarily)

  • Ship Repairer's Liability
  • Charterer's Liability
  • Haulers' Liability
  • Terminal Operator's Liability
  • Protection and Indemnity Liability

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Optional Cover

  • Property Insurance – This optional cover could protects your business from adverse financial consequences that may arise from damage to buildings, contents and loss of business.
  • Workmen’s Compensation – provides wage replacement and medical benefits to your employees if they get injured during the course of employment.
  • Insurance of equipment – indemnifies you for loss or damage to equipment owned or rented by you.
  • Public Liability – if your business deals directly or indirectly with the public, then this cover is mandatory to help protect your business operations.
  • Property Insurance – protects your business from adverse financial consequences that arise from damage to buildings, contents and consequential loss of business.

What Are the Mandatory Covers?

Fines and Penalties 
This covers your liability to pay fines and penalties to any authority or a third party.

Professional Indemnity 
Covers you for breach of duty, errors, and omissions in your professional capacity. 

Liability to Cargo  
Covers your liability for damage or loss of cargo in your custody. 

Third Party Liability  
Covers you for third party bodily injury property damage arising out of your insured services. 

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