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We work with all the leading medical insurance companies (and their TPAs) across the GCC.

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Group medical is a single policy issued to an entity such as a business for its employees. This typically covers all eligible employees and their dependents, depending on the company policy.  While Individual medical cover is different as this refers to a single policy that is issued to an individual person or a family.

At Nexus, we recognize that each customer is unique, hence we offer tailor made and cost effective solutions. We assist with implementation providing a supporting hand to your HR team.

We understand the importance of your employees and work with you to provide the best healthcare coverage to motivate and drive success.

We have a range of suitable options that focus on:

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Although most people strive to live their lives in a meaningfully, we can be overwhelmed by commitments.

International Brands

Both our personal and corporate clients demand services from globally recognized brands that ensure complete peace of mind.

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As the leading insurance brokerage in the region, we are focused on satisfying you with the best advice & value offers.

Large Corporate Schemes

(more than 150 members)

Thanks to our strong partnership with the main players in the market and with our experience and expertise, we are confident in our services to offer your group health insurance scheme with the suitable solution, such as comprehensive plans with access to a wide range of local and international plans and many other benefits.

To help you find the right set of benefits for your employees and meet your needs and budgetary demands, click the link below to speak to an advisor.

Small & Medium Enterprise (SME):

(up to 150 members)

SME health Insurance  plans provide coverage to a group starting from 2 employees and not exceeding 150 members.

We at Nexus have a variety of SME plans available to be offered. It is a matter of understanding your budgetary requirement in order to help you find the right product fitting your needs. Plans can be offered with local coverage or international coverage, and can be issued with a limited network or the most comprehensive network.

If you are interested in receiving a quote, please click the below link and submit the required information.

Basic Plans and Enhanced Basic Plans (EEBP)

The Basic plan offers the minimum benefits as per the DHA regulations and is available to those earning less than 4000 AED per month, with the minimal rate indexed by the DHA. However the basic plan reffered to as the Essentials Benefits Plan (EBP), can also be offered to employees earning above 4000 AED with a rate higher than the minimum indexed rate.

Additionally, there are also a range of Enhanced Basic Plans (EEBP), that can offer you a variety of enhancements on the Basic plan. 

Depending on the budget per person,  we can help you find the appropriate (EEBP) plan that suits your financial requirements.

If you are interested in receiving a quote, please click the below link and submit the required information.