Insurance policies confuse people. While some people try to understand them, many either opt-in or stay away from them due to the many misconceptions that surround them. Medical or health insurance, for instance, is an insurance policy that people take without having a complete understanding of its importance, what it covers and what it doesn’t.

So, in this blog, we discuss some of the common misconceptions about getting health insurance in Dubai.

Health insurance is for the sick and the old

Health is for everyone. While most young and healthy individuals don’t understand the need for health insurance, it is a very essential thing to have in our country. No one can predict how life will turn out to be. Even if you are proud of your health today, it could all be in vain if you fall sick or meet with an accident tomorrow. In such cases, not having insurance coverage will end up being a very costly affair for you.

This is especially true in our country. While the UAE healthcare scene is developed and one of the best in the world, it is quite a pricy one. On the contrary, if you own health insurance, most of your medical expenses will be covered under it.

Invest in medical insurance from a young age. The younger and healthier you are, you pose a lesser risk for making a claim, which in turn reduces your premium costs.

You can avail all the medical benefits even with a cheap insurance policy

Health insurance is not about buying the costliest or the cheapest one. It is all about the coverage that you need for your basic needs. Most health insurance plans in Dubai are subjected to an aggregate coverage limit. This is the maximum financial coverage offered by a particular policy to the policyholder on an annual basis.

A policy that gets an annual coverage limit of 400,000AED, for instance, will be definitely costlier than one that covers up to 100,000AED annually. Ultimately, it all comes down to your general health or existing medical conditions that need attention. Further, if you are opting for a co-insurance plan, this aggregate limit will also include the co-insurance payable too.

Health insurance reimburses all medical costs

Another common misconception that puts people in a spot. While most health insurances cover basic medical expenses, there are exceptions. As an interested party, it is your job to check the list to make sure the policy you are opting for includes everything that you need. For instance, if you wish to add dental treatments to your medical insurance, you will have to specify it while buying your policy. Start by checking the exclusions so that your future claims will not be rejected.

Health insurance maternity coverage includes everything related to pregnancy

For any standard health insurance policy, the maternity cover extends over pre-natal, post-natal, childbirth and neonatal care. However, the insurance policies sometimes specify an upper age limit over which the cover is not granted.

Pregnancy-related risks are higher above a certain age, which are not covered under health insurance maternity cover. Further, certain medications like epidural, pain-killers and multi-vitamins are also not covered under any insurance. In addition to this, voluntary c-section, complications due to previous voluntary pregnancy termination and multiple births are some of the general exclusions in a maternity cover.

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