The long roads of Dubai bring out the Vin Diesel in you. Definitely. The sounds that the swiftness make are music to your ears and the adrenaline rush thrills you than no other. The fact that you’re in control of your speed makes you want to drive even faster, and there is that pride when you race past other cars. You pass by the city lights as if they’re bowing to you.

You’re about to make a turn when suddenly you hear a loud noise. The swift is gone. You suddenly stop. You go back to being you and not as a star in Fast and the Furious.

Or you still are, except that you went from being fast to being furious real quick when you see the dent from the crash.

Worse news is: you don’t have a car insurance.

You remember the website you stumbled upon when you were searching for car insurance companies in Dubai and across UAE. A message popped up, requesting you to fill in your enquiry. You clicked on ‘X’ and left the website just because you thought you didn’t need a car insurance yet.

But here you are, wishing you should’ve done it when you had the chance.

Where could you have gone wrong? Here are some tips to remember in safe driving:

Three-Second Rule

If you’ve been driving for long, this should be a rule of thumb, or rule of the rest of your hands since you must control them when driving. Just as everybody needs a personal space, your car also does too.  Remember to always keep your distance and stay three seconds behind the car in front of you.

Mirror, Mirror on the Side, Who’s the Fastest of them All?

Yes, you are the fastest! But the fastest must also be the safest. It’s easy for us to look at ourselves in the mirror or in our camera phone whenever we take a selfie, so it should be easy to look at the side mirrors for oncoming cars as well.

Lanes or Pains?

While it’s a common thing to not stay on the lane, and it should be common sense to stay on the lane, a lot of people constantly move away from a lane to another. There are also different lanes for various speeds, so make sure to distinguish where does your speed belong in.

Over speeding = Over spending

It’s always tempting to go beyond the speed limit even if there are signs everywhere to remind you. The thing is, speed should not necessarily mean that you are going over the limit. You can be limitless even if you adhere to the rules and you can be fast even if you are not running at your maximum. It goes without saying that over speeding could brew serious consequences, not only on your car but on you as well.

Prior to obtaining a driving license, you were onboarded with these rules, but sometimes we fail to forget. Lastly, even if it isn’t part of the rule, this is what could make you feel limitless even if you’re under the speed limit:

Get your car insurance.

Say ‘hello’ to the highways of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Make friends with speed but make best friends with safety. You’ll never know when you’ll get into the situation so it’s better to be covered. Don’t make the mistake of clicking on ‘X’ just because you don’t want to pay now. When the time comes that you hit the ‘X’ mark, you’ll find yourself paying for even more.

Be fast but not furious.

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