We are constantly met with a negative image when it comes to life insurance. We feel like it is going to be a waste of money and that it is rather unnecessary as we can’t really predict when we will leave this world for good. However, the reality of the present day is that life is quite uncertain and life insurance is a scheme that you could take out in the best interest of your loved ones and those who depend on you, to ensure that they have a life that is free of financial crisis, if you were ever unable to provide for them.

Any debts that your family may have to pay, which include mortgages on the house, any loans that you’ve taken out could all be settled if you have a life insurance policy that your family will be able to claim. Our team of skilled advisors will guide you as to the type of scheme you will need, according to your pending financial commitments, expenses and income. Your family will be able to reinvest the amount that has been saved up as life insurance once they claim it and will be able to live on its interest.

You will also be able to claim the life insurance if you have invested in the scheme for a period of time. For example, if your policy was set up for twenty years, once this period has been completed you are able to claim the amount you invested, subject to taxes according to the insurance contract. Thus, investing in such an insurance policy could also be seen as a long term investment for you and your family. It is a way in which you can save up for the future, and also protect yourself against life risk.

Thirdly, our professionals can help you set up an affordable scheme for payment upon your request. As you will be paying over a long period of time, you won’t have to worry about coming up with large sums of money each month, and can have our advisors set you up with a scheme which is convenient and affordable for you.  If your income decreases over the years, our advisors will help you adjust the premium you have to pay, and if you come across a higher source of income, you could speed up your premium payments according to your wishes. Since life insurance policies are generally free of any type of tax, when your family claims this amount they will not have to worry about giving up a portion of the compensation.

Life insurance is a great investment for you, if you’re looking to build a secure and financially stable future for you and your family and Nexus Group is one of the best life insurance providers in GCC.
So don’t just secure your family’s future; secure it with the best!

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