It’s good to be alive. We have all the years to do whatever we want and live life however we like it.

It’s a fact that we don’t know the specific moment of our death. We think we have so much of our time, but what we fail to remember is that there are unexpected circumstances that can take away everything in an instant second. All your profits, properties, and even the future of your children can vanish away from the moment you die, and you won’t even get the assurance of a bright future for them.

By getting a life insurance, you are giving your future the bright path.

Life insurance allow you to think about living your life beyond its fullest. By getting a life insurance, it gives you the guarantee that at the moment of your passing, a significant amount as compensation will be provided to the insured person. One of the most essential decisions you must make in life is buying a life insurance. It’s inevitable to encounter disastrous events, but with life insurance, the assured returns could be used to pay bills and help in funding your child’s education.

Benefits of getting a life insurance in Dubai

It is highly advisable to seek help from life insurance companies in Dubai for individuals who think ahead of their future and secure the future of their family. There are several benefits that you could get from life insurance companies in Dubai.  

Emergencies are unavoidable. On the event of an accident, life insurance will compensate the costs involved. For a grave circumstance such as in case of death of the insured person, a major percentage of the income is paid to the family to secure their future despite the loss of a loved one.

  •         Protection for you and your loved ones
  •         Life insurance covers all your loans and mortgages
  •         Takes care of the medical cost in case of a terminal illness

Types of insurance plan

There are many types of insurance plans by life insurance companies in Dubai, and some of them are the following:

  •         Term Insurance plan

This type of insurance pays the earnings of the insurance to the family upon the holder’s death during the term of the policy. This type of plan is the most popular among clients as it features the lowest premiums and is taken for a specific period.

  •         Whole life insurance plan

The whole life insurance plan works throughout the end of the insured’s life. Part of the contributions you made will be invested in funds of your choice and the accumulated cash value also increases in time. Upon the life insurance holder’s death, the family is left with an assured cash value and will enjoy other benefits. In this type of plan, the premiums are higher.

  •         Endowment plan

Even in the case of the insured’s death, the endowment insurance is still payable to the beneficiaries. At the end of the term, the total amount will be compensated to the family. You can also surrender the policy and take the total amount as premium after the necessary deductions are done by the company.

  •         Investment-linked insurance plan

This type of a plan allows your bank account to be linked to your insurance and offers a dual advantage as being both an investment and an insurance. The agreed amount will be automatically withdrawn from your linked bank account and be placed in various investment funds that will boost your finances.

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