Nexus is proud to announce our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative with Relief Riders International to tackle blindness, lack of dentistry and gender inequality through social, educational and vocational programs in India.
Relief Riders International is an award winning humanitarian based adventure travel company that leads relief missions providing medical and educational assistance to remote communities in developing countries. Relief Riders International has provided life changing humanitarian aid to over 21,000 people including 18,600 children in India and other developing countries since 2004.

India’s recent economic success has created a large urban middle class and has transformed India into one of world’s fastest growing economies. Yet despite the great wealth being generated, unyielding abject poverty, both rural and urban, remains for its most vulnerable and disadvantaged. 15 million blind people in the world are thought to be in India. With over 70% of its population living in rural villages, the basics we take for granted like education, nutrition and medical facilities that could provide essential medicines and treatment; even possibly preventing blindness are not readily available.

Nexus with Relief Riders International have launched the “Ten-in-Ten” CSR Initiative. Our joint aim is to restore eyesight to 10,000 people in 10 years. Nexus will sponsor this special project and also provide platforms for awareness, fundraising and support to Relief Riders International. While there are a number of excellent programs around the world delivering aid, we hope that by becoming involved with Relief Riders International and by restoring sight we offer people a long-term solution.

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