Ali Fareed Lutfi

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates: Nexus Insurance Brokers , one of the largest and most respected independent financial firms of its kind in the GCC region, has stepped up its bid to attract talented Emirati Nationals keen on making a mark in the financial services sector.
The move is a welcome boost to the United Arab Emirates Government, which recently called for the creation of 20,000 jobs over the next decade.

According to the Federal National Council, Emirati unemployment is currently hovering around the 13 per cent mark – a situation exacerbated by the fact that less than eight per cent of workers are currently forging careers in the private sector.

A study by the Business and Economics facility of UAE University in Al Ain recently noted that wages in the private sector failed to attract Emirati nationals.

Nexus’s bid to attract the brightest local talent is likely to stand out due to the offer of professionally fulfilling opportunities that have the potential to become extremely profitable due to a generous, performance-based wage structure.

Although it already boasts a healthy demographic, Nexus Insurance Brokers is intent on upping its number of Emiratis in order to not only gain an edge over its competitors, but also help create a more balanced industry.

Recent statistics from the Emirates Insurance Association show that a mere 6% of all workers in the insurance sector are UAE nationals. This compares unfavourably to other GCC countries such as Oman, which counts 50% as nationals.

Nexus’s recruitment drive is being headed by Sales Manager and Emirati national Ali Fareed Lutfi.

” Nexus Insurance Brokers is an extremely attractive company to work for,” he said.

“This isn’t a place where you just pick up a pay-cheque and stand still, it is a dynamic, fast-moving business that provides a vital service to individuals and businesses across the GCC. Without a doubt, Nexus is a company where Emiratis can thrive, unlock their professional potential and prosper.”

“The insurance sector always plays a major role in any successful economy, and we offer a great avenue for Emiratis with entrepreneurial spirit to come alive and flourish within this vital field.”

Mohammad Al Banna, a recent recruit who will be working under Lutfi, agrees:

“I am very ambitious, so I need to be at a company with both a track-record of past achievement and an inspiring vision for the future,” he said.

“From day one, I realised that Nexus will support and nurture me for success. Here, I am not just handed a job but a chance to shine and that is exactly what I am looking for at this stage of my career.”

Last year, Nexus grew its general insurance business by 11% and its life and savings division by a healthy 20%.The company intends to implement a host of further new and attractive propositions and is also seeking to expand its geographic footprint beyond Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Bahrain and Lebanon to include Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

“We are determined to bolster our Emirati contingent as we expand company operations across the GCC,” added Mahmoud Nodjoumi, CEO and Founder, Nexus Group.

“The talent and ambition brought to Nexus by these up and coming Emiratis is a key part of our future, and we will do whatever we can to attract and retain the very best.”


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