It’s the weekend the whole family was waiting for. It’s your son’s birthday and you’re going somewhere quite far to celebrate his special day. As all of you settle inside the car, you suddenly remember that you’ve left your wallet in the kitchen. Your wife volunteers to get it for you and tells you to get the car out of the garage. The kids sing to a nursery rhyme you’ve listened to a hundred times. Your wife goes back in the car and gives you your wallet and a warm kiss.

You buckle your seatbelt and drive to your destination.

Except that you don’t.

It wasn’t something that you’ve expected. The car suddenly appears in front of you and there is no way to steer away from it. You feel the impact when you crash and hit. Your head is spinning crazily, but you try to look at your wife despite the blurry vision. Your wife isn’t responding to your touch. You look at your kids to see that they’re not singing anymore. This time the kids are crying, but at least you still see life in their faces. You don’t think you can make it. Your wife is still not moving. You can’t give up just yet, not when you’re leaving the kids behind.

Who’s going to take care of them when you’re gone?

That’s you in the future.

This is you now: you’re in front of your computer or mobile screen. You’re reading through these words when all you wanted is to search for life insurance companies in Dubai. You don’t know anything about life insurance, but you know that it makes your future secured.

And it does. Our team of professionals will be your guide in getting your family covered. While our death cannot be foreseen, our life can be overseen. Life insurance means protecting your loved ones from financial loss after your passing. Accidental Death Benefit is a life insurance policy in Dubai, designed to prevent unnecessary financial burdens.

  •         Term Assurance: This policy is designed to provide protection during the fixed policy term to meet temporary life cover needs. There is no investment as it offers pure protection.
  •         Whole of Life plan: This plan term expands throughout the lifetime of the assured and offers a total payable upon death.  It provides investment as it will build upon cash value and fund the cost for future benefits.

Even if there is no certainty on how long we will live, there is an assurance on how long our loved ones can survive when you sign up for life insurance. Even if the roads are not safe, your future can be. Don’t let your future end with a question mark when you can end it with an exclamation point.

Your present is entirely up to you, so let your future be up to us.

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