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From Crisis to Confidence: A Tale of Resilience & Support

In life, uncertainties are inevitable, and the true measure of our preparations is often tested during unforeseen challenges.
I met Anand, Nexus Consultant, for the first time around July 2019. I had contacted him after a close colleague of mine referred him to me. I was always inclined towards insurance and investments since the day I started working, as I believed in savings and securing the future.
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On our first meeting, Anand explained to me about a critical illness and life insurance plan from Zurich and savings plan from Friends Provident International (FPI). Anand was quick to understand my needs and spending limits, and within a couple of more meetings, he came up with the best options suiting my pocket; however, he ensured that my interests were always protected and I was getting the required benefits out of Plan B. 
Eventually, I was satisfied with the options enlisted by Anand and commenced investments in both the Zurich and FPI plans. 
Since then, Anand and I have been in regular touch, and we used to discuss our lives in general for a brief time every time we met. 


Anand was always charming and a very soft-spoken gentleman, and I was always pleased to meet him. 
Come September 17, 2020, I suffered from a serious myocardial infection categorized as “STEMI” in medical terms and was admitted to the hospital, where I received necessary treatments and survived.
After a couple of days, I contacted Anand and told him about the situation. He was so kind that he turned up at my home the next day to meet me. 
It was so unbelievable for me to see his concern and empathy for me and my family. We sat down together, and after enquiring about my health condition, he explained to me in detail the procedure to claim the critical illness coverage under the Zurich policy, and subsequently, I provided him with all the required information and documents.  He took up my case on necessary priority with Zurich, and unbelievably, my claim got approved within 2 days, and the payment came into my account within 5 days. 

Nexus Critical Illness Cover
I am so happy and content that I will always be short of words to express my thankfulness and gratitude to Anand and his company, Nexus Insurance Brokers. I would strongly recommend it.
As we reflect on this client’s story, it’s a gentle reminder that insurance is not just a safeguard for the future but a shield that can provide comfort and resilience in times of need. If you haven’t explored your insurance options yet, now might be the perfect time to consider a comprehensive plan tailored to your needs.
Nexus, with its dedicated team of experts, is ready to guide you towards a secure and worry-free future.
Remember, life is unpredictable, but with the right insurance partner, you can navigate uncertainties with confidence.
Reach out to us at enquiries@nexusadvice.com and take the first step towards ensuring your and your loved ones’ future. Gift peace of mind today!
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